Overall Objective

35% of new retirees join e世博网站 within nine months of retirement.

Currently, most of e世博网站’s membership recruitment efforts begin once prospective members have already retired, rather than while they are still employed.

e世博网站 seeks to develop systems and strategies to introduce e世博网站 to people considering retirement (specifically employees who are likely within a year of retirement), before or at the time of their retirement
from a NC government system.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Deepen Employer Relationships

  • At least 100 HR departments in database
    showing e世博网站 contact within the past year (beginning Summer 2022).
  • Digital communications strategy for HR reps (including targeted info/resources) launched by Fall 2022

Learn More about Needs of Pre-Retirees

  • Launch survey, obtaining at least 250 responses by Fall 2022
  • Through survey responses and personal conversations with HR Directors, identify
    information and tactics that will best serve pre-retirees and make them most likely to engage with e世博网站 in the future (by Fall 2022)

Leverage Current Members to Recruit

  • 500 new members who join e世博网站 through a current member or board referral each year (beginning Summer 2022)